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Austin Vince – Mondo Sahara

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Mondo Sahara – Kitted out with Davida Speedsters and D4Vi9a YMG goggles, Austin Vince and 5 mates on a minimal budget riding used Honda 400XR’s  over 4,000 miles from London to Mauritania, almost entirely off road and including the deserts of Spain and North Africa to prove Joe Blogs can achieve long- distance DIY motorcycle adventures.





A sneak preview of the Mondo Sahara film will be shown at Austin Vince’s annual The UK Adventure Travel Film Festival, Sherborne Girls School, Bradford Road, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3QN from Friday 16th August – Sunday 18th August 2013.

“The helmets were an absolutely central part of the success of Mondo Sahara. Not simply because they were ‘open face’ but for a far more subtle reason; their design.



It’s a given that the full-face helmet is no friend to the motorcycle traveller at borders, checkpoints etc. You might as well be in a car. Enter the ‘flip-up’ visor, instantly transforming your full-face to open-face but simultaneously making you look like a spaceman. That’s where Davida come in… their helmets might, to a Mumford & Sons hipster, seem ‘retro’ or even, Lord help us, ‘vintage’. But to an exhausted and bored policeman on the outskirts of heaven knows where, it looks ‘normal’. Ker-ching! By wearing Davida we immediately got ourselves on the same footing as our African hosts. There’s no science to this, it’s just a gut feeling but if you’d been with us, you’d say the same thing too. Davida helmets look fabulous and build bridges. Try putting the name of any other helmet manufacturer in that sentence…

The goggles were simply superb. The vinyl mounting rim, rather than sponge, was simply inspired. They warmed up in a thrice and kept pesky desert sand out all day every day. We carried spare lenses but in a month of hard desert riding the originals were still fine.” – Austin Vince

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